Charkman i Skara valde Packdesign för ny investering

Under våren 2014 investerade Charkman i Skara i en ny förpackningsmaskin. De valde Packdesign i Lund som sin samarbetspartner och köpte en Webomatic ML-C2600

Läs hela storyn som publicerades i tidningen Pack & Plast i december 2014.

Packdesign och Charkman i tidningen Pack & Plast dec 2014


Packdesign och Charkman i samarbete
Packdesign och Charkman i samarbete


  • Hello

    My name is Bashar and i want to start a ( Mejeri ) in Halmstad and i am looking for all the equepment for it and i want to buy ( livsmedelsf;rbackning maskin passar till ost )

    and i want to buy one with good price and quality,
    i will send also a link for a film in youtube wich can show the machin that i want,
    if you see the film you can now what i am talking abou,
    i want an offer and catalog for this equepment,
    thanks for a help,
    Bashar And Asem

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